Catalyst Conference 2016

Defining the future of Healthcare

Lumeon's Catalyst Conference brought together over 70 delegates from leading UK Healthcare organisations including Bupa, Spire, Alliance Medical, Nuffield, HCA Newmedica, Optegra, Synexus, CareUK and Inhealth. As the first event of its kind, the conference explored how to unify clinical and administrative processes to create better care pathways.

Key areas of focus:

1. Defining unwanted variance in healthcare and developing better care pathways based on outcomes data

2. Standardising pathways and automating tasks that reduce manual data input and human error

3. Managing successful business transformation and engaging clinical and administrative staff in new pathways 

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Transforming radiology care pathways
Dr. Johann Alberts, Director of IT and Transformation at Alliance Medical, discusses Lumeon's pathway engine

Catalyst Conference 2016 overview
Customers, partners and thought leaders provide their thoughts about this year's conference

Care Pathway Management at Spire 
Dr Jean-Jacques De Gorter, Chief Medical Director at Spire Healthcare, discusses Care Pathway Management

Summary of presentations

Care Pathway Management (CPM): The Route to Better Care  - Robbie Hughes, CEO, Lumeon and Andrew Wyatt, COO, Lumeon

Andrew and Robbie presented a company update and introduced Care Pathway Management, explaining how technology can help deliver measurable, predictable and controlled care. 

Hidden in Plain Sight: Reducing the Cost of Unwarranted Care Variation 
Patricia Wynn, Managing Director, The Advisory Board Company

Patricia provided a summary of their latest global study into variance in the healthcare industry. Examining quantitative and qualitative data, the research makes the case for standardisation through a series of case studies. 

Using Clinical Care Pathways to Drive Value at Scale
Dr. Jean-Jacques de Gorter, Group Medical Director, Spire Healthcare

Dr. de Gorter provided insight into the clinical care transformation process that has taken place at Spire over the past four years. 

How to Deliver Successful Business Transformation 
Joe Fairbrother, Systems and Data Manager, Bupa

Joe provided advice on how to engage the right people at the right time to deliver successful business transformation. 

Digital Healthcare: Current Innovation and Future Transformation 
Chris Graves, Director, GP Bullhound

Chris provided an overview of trends in the Digitalhealth sector and companies to look out for

New Care Pathway Models for Success 
Darshak Shah, MD, Newmedica
Darshak outlined how Newmedica has used Qinec to develop innovative ophthalmology care pathways that deliver value for the NHS.

Industrialising the Mechanics of Care with Lumeon's Pathway Engine 
Dr. Johann Alberts, Director of IT and Transformation, Alliance Medical
Johann described how Alliance Medical has used Qinec's pathway engine to revolutionise radiology workflows and care pathways.

Lumeon's senior management team from Deployment, Business Analysis and Support also presented their tips for success and an overview of the changes within each department and new opportunities for customers.